Providing Professional Naturopathic care for animals

What is Animal Naturopathy? 

It is a system of therapeutics in which surgery and prescription medications are avoided, and preparations such as vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbs are used to treat and prevent disease. This enlivens the bodies innate abilities to heal.”

Is your pet suffering from anxiety, chronic skin conditions or allergies, digestive disturbances, pain or stiffness? Are they on long-term medications, or simply lacking their usual sparkle? Natural Medicines can help to rebalance and restore your pets authentic healthy state. All complimentary treatments can be used either in conjunction with a veterinary prescription or as a standalone treatment plan.

You and your pet do not need to put up
with these (or any other) health issues any longer!

Animal Naturopathy can help to rebalance your pet and restore their authentic healthy state.

PLEASE TEXT OR CALL: 0274114909 for an appointment or for more information.

Becky Hadfield
Animal Naturopath
BScHons Ag; Cert.Vet Nurse; Dip NAH.
The Natural Animal Health Clinic
Christchurch - New Zealand

To arrange an appointment time
either phone/text 0274114909 
or by email on our contact form

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Testimonials of happy healthy pets

"We first contacted Becky in late 2012 after our dog Kess had been very ill with toxoplasmosis. She had undergone an extensive course of treatment at the vet, including some hefty antibiotics. We felt she was still not quite herself and looked to a more natural, long-term approach.  Becky provided a comprehensive treatment plan for Kess to deal with current and past health issues.  She has continued to be readily available for advice and to answer questions. Kess has improved greatly and we are delighted with the outcome so far, particularly in being able to deal with some of the longer-standing problems.  We look forward to continuing to work with Becky in keeping Kess healthy and happy." Jan and Ian McKay, Christchurch

Following the Christchurch earthquakes, our family realised that it is people and animals that have been deeply affected. I sought Becky’s advice about how to best reassure our anxious and frightened dog. Her passion and extensive knowledge about animals, physical and naturopathic treatments, have meant we finally have our precious Bella back. Becky worked holistically to ensure our needs were met and she will be our first port of call for our beloved fur baby” Keishana, dog owner.

Dear Becky, Thank you very much for my new diet. I love eggs, sardines & chicken necks, venison etc. I have now put on some weight, my bladder is not leaking and I haven’t needed  painkillers yet for my Arthritis. I don’t mind when I get told off for chasing cats because I can now run so fast! Thank you, will see you again, when I’m feeling under the weather.” Sphinx – 14year old Huntaway /Lab X (& Reuben Bunting )

"My dog Shilo (8 years old) had incontinence problems for about a year before I contacted Becky to see if she could help.  I was reluctant to see a vet about her problem because I had heard that it meant a life time of pills.  Becky prescribed Shilo a variety of herbal preparations over 2-3 months as well as suggesting some dietary supplements to help her condition.
It took about a month before there was any noticeable improvement in Shilo's incontinence but I knew that a long term condition would take a while to rectify, and that patience and persistence was needed.  Shilo's incontinence problem has disappeared thank goodness and I'm sure will remain cured." Annabel

Dear Becky, Thanks for helping me, my mum really appreciates it too! Lots of love, purrs and Bunts” from Mojo the cat 8yrs (& Natalie Price)

"I had a dog staying with me that howled all through the night.  After a number of sleepless nights I contacted Becky to see if she could suggest a remedy that would help the dog, and the rest of us get some sleep.  Becky prescribed homoepathic Valerian which worked wonders instantly and the dog only required 2 nights of the remedy before she slept peacefully for the rest of her stay.  I have since used the Valerian remedy on one other dog that was restless at night and she slept peacefully and didn't need a repeat dose." Annabel