Providing Professional Naturopathic care for animals

What is Animal Naturopathy?

"It is a system of therapeutics in which invasive veterinary procedures such as surgery and vet prescription medications are avoided or minimised and preparations such as Medicinal Herbs, Vitamins, Physical therapies, and Nutritional supplements, along with nutritional advice, are combined in a specific way, to suit each animals' needs.

This unique combination treats the whole body, not just the area showing symptoms because every part of the body is linked. Enlivening the patients' innate abilities to heal.”

Is your pet suffering from anxiety, chronic skin conditions or allergies, digestive disturbances, pain, or stiffness?

Perhaps your special four-legged friend has now developed chronic metabolic diseases such as Kidney failure, Liver issues, or even Cancer?
Are they on long-term medications, or simply lacking their usual sparkle?
Or have you recently got a new puppy that you wish to discuss how to help them live a long and healthy life?

Natural Medicines can help to re-balance and restore your pet's authentic healthy state and can be used either in conjunction with a veterinary prescription or as a standalone treatment plan.

You and your pet do not need to put up
with these (or any other) health issues any longer!

Animal Naturopathy can help to re-balance your pet and restore their authentic healthy state.

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Becky Hadfield - Registered Animal Naturopath
BSc.Hons Agriculture
Dip.Natural Animal Health.
The Natural Animal Health Clinic
Christchurch - New Zealand

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About The Clinic: 

The Natural Animal Health Clinic is a professional and modern practice run by the South Islands' Only Registered Animal Naturopath - Becky Hadfield. 

The clinic offers a unique personalised service, which allows you and your pets, time to feel relaxed and listened to. 

The clinic has a strong network of professional companies that provide a comprehensive range of the finest quality "Practitioner Only" Naturopathic medicines available; resulting in a first-class service of care whilst maintaining good value for money. 

I look forward to meeting and helping you and your beloved pets.

Testimonials from happy clients and their healthy pets:

"My Pug Mabel started seeing Becky for treatment of recurrent UTI’s about three years ago now. I sought extra support where conventional vet medicines failed me, and Mabel was suffering from UTI's constantly. I was concerned about the over use of antibiotics and sought alternative treatments from the Natural Animal Health Clinic. Becky is amazing, so warm and caring and kind! Mabel had some underlying immunity challenges that Becky addressed initially, focusing on gut health and balancing her system with a custom made tonic, and some Chinese herbs. We went 3 months with no UTI, then 6 Months, then 12 Months, and up to two years with no recurrence. Mabel also suffered from eye ulcers which have stopped since seeing Becky which is an added bonus! Becky not only saved my dog suffering from these awful infections, but saved me a lot in my pocket on vet bills. I have and will continue to recommend Becky to anyone whose pet has ongoing issues or concerns. I honestly can’t rave about her enough!                          Thank you so much Becky! "From Penny and Mabel

"Boris had been seeing his vet for a 3 monthly injection to manage the arthritis in both elbows for roughly 3 years when it stopped working, our next step was to trial stronger medications that would in time take a huge toll on his body and his organs, and then surgery. At only 8 yrs old I was pretty upset about this potentially being the only option to help ease his pain. We weren't able to go on walks over rough terrain, no hills, no soft sand and nothing over 20 mins which was not much of an adventure compared to what we had previously loved doing together. Climbing onto the couch for a cuddle was even proving difficult for him and he just wasn't enjoying being around his doggy friends. Thanks to the magic Becky has imparted upon us in the form of her Chinese Herbs and abundance of knowledge, I now have one spritely young man again. She is so lovely and easy to deal with, always on hand with extra help and tips and such a genuine  concern for the wellbeing of my pets. We have not had to use our conventional vet medication in almost 1 year, within a few days of using these herbs on his breakfast and dinner there was no more limping and we were out on adventures, he is chasing rabbits again, digging for bugs and doing the things he loves, pain free. But most importantly, he is happy and healthy. I feel like Boris has been given his life back and neither of us could be more grateful for this :) " Nicole Laurie - Christchurch

"I have been seeing Becky for a year now with my mini schnauzer Katie now aged 12. Katie has had gastro problems her entire life with frequent vomiting and inability to digest food. On top of her gastro problems she has also been very sick with reoccurring hepatitis and low-grade pancreatitis over the last few years.  Last summer I decided to go down the natural away along side vet care. 

I made an appointment with Becky January 2019.  She immediately recognized a very uptight anxious little dog.  With treatment of Chinese Herbs and tonics she made a great deal of progress quite quickly. A month after starting treatment we went back for a follow up.  A cheeky little Katie was now bouncing around Becky’s consulting rooms.

Unfortunately, as with what usually happened with Katie, we bounced from one problem to the next and so Katie started having quite serious problems with her back.  Again, Becky was right on top of this and Katie was made much more comfortable.  For most of last year we felt that Katie was making really good progress and was really enjoying life again. 

Early January 2020, Katie once again got VERY sick.   She was treated by our vet and so we started the usual process of having days in hospital on the drip, bloods, antibiotics, more bloods (regular part of Katie's life) and this time her illness was thought to be colitis and rat poisoning. As the days went on and Katie was no better, we continued with weekly bloods, prednisone, antibiotics, scans.  After about 3 weeks the devastating news came that Katie had AIHA (Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia).  We knew that this was very serious and that this could be her time but with Becky’s guidance and support and another range of Chinese Herbs and Tonics Katie is doing ok.  She has her days but more good days than bad.   Becky did a lot of research on what would help Katie and we started on the treatment along side of Vet prescribed medication.

April 2020 - Katie has just recently celebrated her 12th birthday and we are so happy that she has got to be this age.  We are so thankful to Becky to helping us on Katie’s journey either in person or remotely.  I just cannot recommend Becky enough.  She is so kind and compassionate and goes over and beyond to make sure that she is giving my little dog the best she possibly can. - Joan and Katie 

"My dog Shilo (8 years old) had incontinence problems for about a year before I contacted Becky to see if she could help.  I was reluctant to see a vet about her problem because I had heard that it meant a life time of pills.  Becky prescribed Shilo a variety of herbal preparations over 2-3 months as well as suggesting some dietary supplements to help her condition.
It took about a month before there was any noticeable improvement in Shilo's incontinence but I knew that a long term condition would take a while to rectify, and that patience and persistence was needed.  Shilo's incontinence problem has disappeared thank goodness and I'm sure will remain cured." Annabel and Shilo

"I went to see Becky after a year of frustration for my Spoodle Henry who suffered awful itchy paws. We were constantly at the vets and prescribed antibiotics and prednisone. I couldn’t stand the thought of a life on these and the misery Henry was in, so instead I found my way to "The Natural Animal Health Clinic". Becky is very caring and thorough, she listened to all I had done to date and came up with a plan we would work to until we found the answer. This was great as I felt we now not only had a plan, but also someone really invested to help me find a solution. I can now say I have a very happy Spoodle who no longer suffers as he once did. I am very thankful to Becky and do seriously recommend her services. Kathleen and Henry

"Thank you so much for your phone consultation regarding natural care, feeding and training advice for my new Working Cocker Spaniel Puppy Ayla. I am a very proud Mum, I can't tell you how happy I feel now about it all. SO Much clarity after speaking to you!! YAY! "    

Casselle and Ayla

"We first contacted Becky during the COVID-19 lockdown when our rescue cat Lily was struggling with anxiety, jaw and ear issues. She's always had her moments, but she seemed more afraid and wound up than normal. Becky spent time with us via phone and email going through what we knew of Lily's past and present behaviour to work out how to help her holistically. I am happy to report after finishing her herbal treatments Miss Lily is chirpy and sassy and doesn't bolt when someone comes into the house. She's not ready to be everyone's friend yet, but she's not hiding and shaking under the wardrobe anymore. She has come leaps and bounds, and it's nice to come home to chilled out happy cat napping on the bed, even if she does always look like she's judging us!" Yvette and Miss Lily

Yesterday afternoon your package arrived. He got his first dose of each product and was SO relaxed last night. We now realise that sometimes he can't get comfortable, but last night he just slept, so was obviously more relaxed.

This morning he got second doses, plus another two of the herbal tonic throughout the day, plus treats all over the house. Throughout the first two hours, he howled but periodically stopped (presumably to eat. And.....then all was quiet. For TWO ENTIRE HOURS!!!! Phew. It was such a relief.

I was worried about what I would find when I came in! So, who knows what/which worked (I know it is the combined effect), but I guess he just got too relaxed to stop fussing! Tonight the jacket should arrive so I will add that tomorrow.

And things should only get better as the cumulative effect works, and the more calm he experiences, the calmer he will stay.

Thank you so much for where we have already got to today. I will keep in touch,

Best Wishes, Rosemary and Jasper

We found the Natural Animal Health Clinic through a recommendation when our roughly 8 yo Jack Russell cross developed an inoperable tumor in her abdomen only a year after surgical removal of a similar mass on her spleen. The vets expected her to live just a few more months, so we got in touch with Becky who was happy to assess our Tinka over the phone (as we live in Dunedin). Thanks to the herbs and tonics Becky supplied us with via courier post and the detailed dietary advice she dispensed via email, Tinka has been as happy as can be and is still with us today over three years later! While the growth of the tumor could not be stopped altogether, the herbs slowed it down considerably, and the tonics have been supporting Tinka’s body to best adjust to the burden the now large mass is putting on her organs etc. The vets are continually astounded to see Tinka not only still alive but happy and full of energy -and we are so very grateful for all the additional time Becky’s treatment has given us together with our beloved pooch! Maja and Tinka- Dunedin

Becky has been treating my 12 year old poodles Harry & Roxy who have had chronic tummy problems ear infections arthritis etc. She formed a plan with her wonderful herbs and they are amazing and worked alongside with me to help them feel normal again. The changes in Harry & Roxy are truly remarkable. So Becky, Roxy Harry and myself say a big THANKYOU as we couldn’t have done it without you. Christine

When I first took my cat SAM to see Becky in September 2017, he had liver disease and was severely Jaundiced. Despite the best efforts from the vets treating him, his liver enzyme levels had continued to climb, and they were unsure why. Sam and I were at an all time low when we contacted Becky, she gave us no promises of miracle cures, but felt sure she could assist in alleviating some of his symptoms.Becky formulated a liquid herbal tonic given twice daily, to assist his liver function.His main liver enzymes were 1047 &211 on 26/9/17, and his Bilirubin was 37. At his next blood test in November, 2 months later, his liver enzymes were now 678 and 145 with the Bilirubin at 5! While these results are still higher than normal, there is no doubt that the tonic Becky formulated brought him back from the brink. Sam is now 15 and living quite comfortably-still chases his ping pong ball, and loves to sunbathe in the garden. We are extremely grateful to Becky for the successful intervention, and her ongoing care. Diane and Sam.

We were recommended Becky after our Labrador/Grey Hound cross (Casper) had to have a leg amputated. We took Casper to visit Becky. With her help Casper quickly recovered from his operation with very little pain and discomfort and is now happily bounding along on three legs with no joint or pain issues. We also have a 14 year old Pug, Molly who was suffering from severe arthritis despite being on strong meds from the Vet. The meds can also cause liver and kidney issues if used long term, so we were keen to see if there were any natural alternatives she could have. Molly could hardly move when we took her to visit Becky, but with her help we now have Molly solely on natural products and she has never been better. She moves around so much better, and even runs around now…especially if food is involved. We could not believe the change in Molly. Becky is super to work with, she takes times to really understand your dog and their needs. She is also quick to respond to any questions or queries you have and is always happy to help and offer advice. We would highly recommend Becky.

 Jacqui Land-Christchurch

“Becky provides an alternative approach to achieving health in animals that is compatible and complimentary with veterinary medicine. Our Miniature Schnauzer Montie had been plagued by chronic ear infections and digestive issues that our vet had been unable to solve long-term. Since seeing Becky, Monties' health has returned and been maintained and we now have a healthy, happy and more settled animal at home. This is all thanks to Becky's calm and welcoming approach and the natural remedies prescribed by her. Our family life is more relaxed as a direct result of our Schnauzers regained well being and I encourage all pet owners to talk to Becky about their pet's health concerns." -Friederike and Montie

Luna was diagnosed with a rare condition called Trigeminal Neuritis, (paralysis of the jaw).The vets told us she would come right on her own but it could take 2 - 3 weeks, and we may need to feed her with a gastric tube to prevent dehydration and excessive weight loss.
Luna was in spasm, and could not close her jaw, her mouth was fixed open about 2- 3 cms. .Her tongue would often hang out the side, she did bite her tongue, and would drool continuously. She would need to drink often, due to dehydration, but took excessive time to do so, up to 10-15 mins, as a lot of the water spills from her mouth.  She could swallow but it seems difficult. She became very lethargic; no appetite, (unusual she is very food motivated) . Her eyes were not closing completely when sleeping. 
Becky came to our home to see Luna, although the vet had assured us she was not in pain, Becky felt she actually was in severe pain, due to her body language pinched face, dehydration, spasm of the Trigeminal nerve in her jaw, it would most likely feel similar to having both ear and tooth ache together. Becky prescribed, antispasmodic, anti inflammatory, and pain relief herbs, both Chinese and Western Medicinal formulations, plus Magnesium to relax the muscles in the face. Becky taught us what was best to feed her, easily digestible proteins, that can be given little and often, to build up her strength. Becky also taught us how to massage the jaw area to loosen the tension, and increase blood circulation, with warm wheat packs.

After 3 days Luna was completely back to normal.
Now eating by herself Thank you so much for everything,  Love Suki xx
Our 12-year-old black lab had a complete fracture of his back left tib and fib, this was plated and healed consisting of 3 surgeries, he then developed a large tumour in his right eye which was surgically removed.  After these events, he developed an awful raspy sometimes very wet cough.  We put him on Becky’s herbs and some probiotics and he has been healthy and happy since.  He is now 14 and slowing down but still with us.   We rescued Mela from the wild.  Maybe 6 years old.  She had a terrible reaction to parasites and fleas which created extremely bad skin rashes and ulcerations. The vet had her on 6 weekly ab’s and steroids which were only just helping by making her comfortable.  Becky’s herbs have completely changed her allergies and skin reactions.  She is now a very well-adjusted and healthy cat. 
Thank you Becky - From Frith 

Testimonials from happy clients and their healthy pets:

Testimonials from happy clients and their healthy pets: