When you arrive for an Initial Consultation with Registered Animal Naturopath Becky Hadfield at "The Natural Animal Health Clinic",  you and your pet can relax the time allowed can be up to 45 minutes.

This is not a normal medical consultation, as there will be nothing invasive or rushed. Becky will prioritise you and your pets needs, by asking you to tell her all about the history of your pet's condition and personality, likes and dislikes, what you feed, previous illnesses, and any veterinary medications that they may be currently prescribed or have taken in the past.  Together you can really take time to build a unique detailed picture of your specific pets health concerns. If your pet has been diagnosed with a veterinary condition or has recently had blood tests please bring that information along with you to the appointment.

From this information, no matter what the veterinary diagnosis, Becky is able to create a specific treatment plan for your pets needs.  Safety is always paramount, and reducing discomfort and side effects is a major priority of treatment. Being a qualified Animal Naturopath, she is trained to combine different types of natural medicines in a way that will suit your pets needs. They may be Chinese herbs, Western Herbs, physical therapies or Nutriceuticals and these will be selected and combined to ensure they can be used alongside any prescribed veterinary medications your pet may also require, providing a complementary approach to pet health. 

It is important for Becky to keep informed on the latest research and information in her field, and she takes time to regularly attend conferences and webinar lectures to complete her annual "Continued Professional Development" points, required by the professional governing body   "Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand" with whom she is registered.

Complementary Animal Health is the future of Veterinary care. It is a well established overseas in countries all over Europe and the USA and is gaining momentum throughout New Zealand and Australia. Becky is the only registered and Qualified Animal Naturopath in the South Island of NZ providing professional Natural Animal Health Care.

Consultation Fees:

  • Initial Consultation, and treatment plan formulation; where the duration of an appointment is up to 45 minutes - Fee-$90.00.
  • Follow up consultations, appointment duration is up to 30 minutes -  Fee- $45.00 - to check on progress, and make any alterations to the plan depending on the rate of healing.